As a singer-songwriter Susanna has contributed in both bands and theatre productions.

She is the music producer of the theatre collective

Cognatus and has composed several original songs for the The Ideal Woman 

alongside with Siiri Partanen. 



Currently Susanna is working on her solo project Sosié (english electro pop) in which she works as a singer-songwriter and producer, with co-producer Vesa Lappalainen. She has toured around Finland with Jenni Janakka's Röyhkeyskoulu Show, contributing as the featuring artist and sound designer for the show. EP will be released in the near future.


Previous bands:


Snakebutterfly was a humoristic 90's inspired girlband that played original songs. Susanna was a performer, singer, composer and songwriter. The band consisted of Susanna, Jenni Janakka, Vilhelmiina Virkkunen and their music producer Vesa Lappalainen. The band performed together 2015–2017.

Uskoit Kaiken Susanna was a Finnish Folk Pop Band that played together from 2013–2016. Susanna founded the band and was the main composer and singer-songwriter. The band consisted of Sirpa Riuttala, Topi Patjas, Petteri Kontio, Helena Puukka, Tiina Ekola & Elias Riipinen.